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What is a Globe Valve?

The globe valve gets its name from its shape. It has a body with an interior partition, and the centers of the valve inlet and outlet are aligned. This arrangement causes a change in the flow direction, resembling an S shape.

The flow of fluid is obstructed by the disc or plug as it presses against the seat in the partition.

Globe valves can serve two purposes: controlling the flow rate by adjusting the shape of the disc, and fully opening or closing the flow.

There are three types of flow that can be achieved using a globe valve: straight flow, angle flow, and cross flow.


Parts of a Globe Valve

Angle Body

used in intersecting lines.

Welded Bonnet

Generally used for gas and toxic flow line applications.

Outside Screw & Yolk

An outside screw and yoke type design is generally used for all globe valves.

Pressure Seal

On a pressure-seal valve, the higher the body cavity pressure, the greater the force on the gasket. Pressure-seal bonnets are used extensively for high- pressure high-temperature applications, such as the power industry. Pressure-seal valves are much lighter than bolted bonnet designs. Due to the pressure energization of the seal ring, they are normally not used in pressure classes below ANSI class 600.

Extended Stem

Stem extended at bonnet for cryogenic, pressure-seal, and buried (Under Ground) applications.

Ball Type Disc

Globe valves feature a ball-type disc that provides a fine-grain surface on the taper seat.

Plug Type Disc

For services that demand hard-faced seats, a plug-type disc is provided. Also known as a Swivel Plug Disc.

Renewable Seat

These seats can be replaced easily if required. They will often be threaded seats or freely placed seats.

Integral Seat

Machined in the body or welded to the body. Cannot be replaced easily.


Globe Valve Classification













1/2 ” to 48″

150 , 300 , 600

800 , 900 , 1500


Normal Body

Bolted Bonnet

OS & Y

Normal Stem


Renewable /


RF , RTJ , BW ,


Angle Body

Welded Bonnet

Pressure Seal

Extended Stem


Non Renewable

/ Welded


Globe Valve Standards

Valves Design

BS 1873 ,ASME B16.34 ,MSS SP- 42

End to End


ASME B16.10 & ISO 5752

Flanged Dimensions

ASME B16.5 & ISO 7005-1 Part. 1 ASME B16.47 BS 3293

MSS- SP-44

Butt weld


ASME B16.25

Visual Inspection


Pressure Test

API 598, API 6D, B16.34, ISO 5208, BS 6755 Part. 1 & MSS –SP-61

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