FPSO, short for ‘Floating Production Storage and Offloading’, refers to a floating vessel located near an offshore oil field. This vessel is responsible for processing and storing oil until it's ready to be transferred to a tanker. The significance of efficient pipes and fittings cannot be overstated in the context of FPSOs. These supplies play a crucial role in facilitating fluid transportation, integrating various processes, ensuring safety, safeguarding the environment, providing maintenance access, optimizing weight and space usage, enhancing production efficiency, and ensuring compliance with regulations. The quality of piping supplies directly contributes to the overall triumph, safety, and operational efficiency of FPSO activities within the offshore oil and gas sector. At Gerab, our team of experts understands the distinct demands and obstacles within the FPSO industry. We specialize in providing a wide array of piping materials, whether from our readily available stock or through efficient back-to-back ordering, for FPSO projects.


Gerab supplies pipes and fittings in bulk for the fabrication of topside modules. The broader functions of the modules are categorized as below:

  • Crude Oil Separation, Stabilization, Storage and Offloading Modules.
  • Gas LP/MP/HP Compression and Dehydration Modules.
  • Produced Water Treatment Modules.
  • Sea Water Treatment Modules
  • Steam Generator Modules
  • Fuel Gas systems for usage on the FPSO


We supply carbon steel pipes, alloy steel pipes, Cu Ni Alloy pipes, stainless steel pipes, and higher-grade pipes in the seamless and welded category. We can supply all steel grades and sizes.

Pipe Fittings:

carbon steel, alloy steel, Cu Ni Alloys, stainless steel, and higher-grade forged, butt-weld fittings and special fittings (lokring, swagelok, victaulic, etc) cover all sizes, grades, and construction.

Flanges, Gaskets, and Nuts & bolts:

Carbon steel, alloy steel, Cu Ni Alloys, stainless steel, and higher grade of all sizes and grades.


Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Butterfly Valve and Diaphragm Valve

Other Products:

  • Storage tanks

API Pumps:

We supply ANSI/API STANDARD 610 Centrifugal and submersible pumps

  • RCG Series In-Tank Pump
  • RCH Series High-Pressure Pump

Produced Water Treatment Plant:

Gerab can also supply produced water treatment modules. Oil companies invest a lot of energy, effort, and resources in pumping up oil, and the idea of producing a water stream should be to recover as much oil as possible and then treat it for the intended purpose. Our reliable vendor with their 3rd Gen. CFI, has the most efficient gravity separators which have numerous advantages over conventional skimming tanks, API tanks, or hydro-cyclone. Below are a few important aspects of their design.

  • Unmatched recovery of Ffee oil (>98%) by CFI which reduces its RoI time to 1-3 years
  • Low chemical and energy consumption which reflects positively on the environment
  • We work on "Net Zero Discharge"
  • No clogging, choking, spillover, under-performance
  • High turndown ratio.