Oil and Gas Upstream

Through our branch in Abu Dhabi, we offer maintenance and refurbishment services to companies operating in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and supported by unmatched technical expertise, our workshop facility in Abu Dhabi is designed to meet the maintenance and refurbishment requirements of the upstream sector. This allows us to deliver comprehensive services to customers in the upstream sector.


  • Drilling
  • Well Development
  • Production Plant
  • Reservoir Management
  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)
  • Oilfield Services

Services Offered:

Wireline Cable Repair & Maintenance:

We provide wireline repair services like cable spooling and conditioning, cable magnetic marking, depth tracking, and XY caliber. Our cable repair facility is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Valve Repair & Maintenance:

We provide numerous valve repair services through our workshop in Abu Dhabi. Services like Upstream and downstream valve refurbishment and modification, PSV refurbishment and testing, Onsite valve refurbishment and modification, Onsite valve testing and commissioning, On the Go Valve Mobile workshop, etc.

Marine Engine Overhaul and Maintenance:

Al Madar provides overhaul and maintenance services for CAT marine, Niigata, and EMD engines to various customers in the marine and offshore oil & gas segments for onboard vessels and oil rigs. We also supply genuine spare parts at a competitive price and with a valid warranty.

Supply Of Oil Field Equipment:

We supply oil field equipment like wireline, pressure handling equipment, well testing equipment, early production facility (EPF), oil collection station (OCS), gas gathering station equipment (GGS), fuel gas conditioning skids (FGCS), cementing equipment and mud engineering equipment.

Reagents and Materials For Drilling:

We provide a wide range of reagents and materials for drilling fluids. Our offerings include various reagents like rheology modifiers, microemulsion sealing polymers, clay inhibitors, lubricants, defoamers, wetting agents, and emulsifiers.

Mobility Solutions for Heavy Haul and Structure:

Al Madar provides custom-engineered mobility solutions to its customers for heavy haul and structure.


Walking system, Heavy haul, Hydraulics and controls, Material handling solution, Custom oil and gas rigs

Products supply:

Drill bits:

At Al Madar, we supply diamond PDC bits with matrix body or steel body, ballast bit, natural diamond bit, core bit, and special application diamond bit sized from 3-1/2" to 26".


Al Madar is a leading supplier of connectors to our clients in Abu Dhabi. We represent Oil States, a worldwide leader in connector technology to supply the best connectors to our Abu Dhabi clients (Oil and Gas applications).

Personal Protective Equipment:

We supply the most dependable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to workers worldwide. Our cutting-edge PPE is specifically designed to protect against occupational hazards associated with high temperatures and thermal risks. We represent UNITED BROTHERS ENERGO SAFTEY for supplying PPE in the region.


We are valve suppliers for the following valves for upstream sectors.

  • Wellhead equipment
  • X-Mass Tree
  • Chock Valve
  • API 6A Valve

API Pump:

Gerab supplies ANSI/API STANDARD 610 Centrifugal pumps to suit the Oil & Gas Upstream: SCSK Axially Split Multistage Pump

Other products:

  • Strainers oil & gas
  • Marin crane