Gerab National Enterprises LLC is a customer focused company in the business of managing the supply chain requirements of our clients for their projects. We source and supply, or supply from our stock inventory, bulk materials such as pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, gaskets, stud bolts and other related materials that are used in our client’s projects. We also extend value added services such as machining, galvanizing, coating, cement lining, actuator mounting and pressure testing of valve services to our client.

We strive to understand our customer’s needs and requirements and work hard to meet and exceed their expectations for the services we provide; the quality of products we supply; the professional expertise we extend; and the timely deliveries we make. At Gerab, customer satisfaction drives our business.

Our system is designed and committed to achieve continual improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard. We monitor our Key Performance measures and continuously raise the bar to achieve greater improvements in our procedures and system. We ensure full compliance to the ISO Standard and have dedicated Quality Teams and suitably trained Quality Auditors for this purpose.

This policy is periodically reviewed for its current suitability to ensure its relevance to our business.