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What is a Check Valve?

A check valve serves as a crucial backflow prevention device, ensuring fluid flow in a single direction. This mechanism operates by allowing the pressure of forward fluid flow to open the valve disc, while the pressure exerted by backflow closes it firmly against the valve seat. To achieve this essential check function, there are three distinct types of check valves available which we describe below:


Swing Check Valves

In a swing check valve, a hinged disc assembly is suspended from the body, enabling free movement. This configuration minimizes pressure loss and also facilitates smoother fluid flow. Swing check valves can be used for either horizontal or vertical (fluid flowing upward) pipe layouts.


Lift Check Valves

The lift check valve is a globe valve without a stem, handle, or other opening or closing parts. It also includes an additional cover. Because of its large fluid resistance, this valve is used primarily for small-bore applications.


Wafer Check Valves

The wafer Type Swing Check Valve has short face-to-face dimensions and low weight allowing a simple space-saving installation between the companion flanges. The valves are suitable for mounting between weld neck or slip-on plate companion flanges of different standards. The short face-to-face dimensions and the low weight guarantee a simple and space-saving installation between the bolts of the connecting flange.


Parts of a Check Valve


‘Y ‘ Type body is  used for check valves

Welded Bonnet

Commonly used for Gas and toxic flow line Application.

Single Plate

As shown in the below figure of the Swing check valve and single plate wafer check valve.

Dual Plate

Two plates as the split pieces of a single round piece that is

assisted by an Inconel spring to close

Ball, Piston

Balls and pistons are used in smaller size forged valves up to 2 “.

Assisted by a spring to retain its position to close the valve.

Hing Pin

This pin is used to hang the Single plate disc; normally the material used for this pin will be Stainless Steel or Monel due to its high resistance to wear.

Inconel Spring

Inconel Spring Is used in a wafer-type dual plate check valve to retain the disk to

its close position.

Integral Seat

Integral Seats are machined in the body or welded to the body. They cannot be replaced easily. Generally, this type of seat is used in Check Valves.

For Wafer type check valves rubber material is also used as seats for low Pressure applications.


Check Valve Standards

Valves Design

BS 1868, API 594 , API 6D ,ASME B16.34 , MSS SP- 42

End to End Dimensions

ASME B16.10 & ISO 5752

Flanged Dimensions

ASME B16.5 & ISO 7005-1 Part. 1 , ASME B16.47 BS 3293, MSS- SP-44

Butt weld Dimensions

ASME B16.25

Visual Inspection


Pressure Test

API 598, API 6D, B16.34, ISO 5208, BS 6755 Part. 1 & MSS –SP-61

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