Gerab National Enterprises LLC (Gerab) has been consistently providing clients with exceptional service for over 45 years, earning the trust of national and international oil companies, as well as regional and international contracting and construction firms.

As a leading stockist and bulk supplier of seamless and welded pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, and accessories to the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, civil, and process industries, Gerab has a long-standing history and proven track record earned by supplying piping solutions for projects and mega-projects in over 60 countries worldwide. This experience has demonstrated what it takes to be a reliable supplier in a robust global value chain.

Critical Success Factors

From Gerab’s experience as a major pipe suppliers in the UAE, the top six critical success factors for becoming a dependable pipes and fittings supplier are: 

1. Product Range

Of paramount importance for the success of a pipe supplier in the UAE is the ability to provide the right product at the right price and at the right time. Energy, civil, and industrial applications need a wide range of products in different material compositions to complete a typical piping network. Gerab stocks a comprehensive range of seamless and welded pipes, fittings, valves, and other ancillary products across a wide variety of pipe system materials, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, and high-grade alloys.

This breadth of products is essential for supplying industries working with high temperatures and pressures, corrosive conduits, and working environments, as well as special applications requiring state-of-the-art materials, special alloys, or additional treatments.

2. Strong Industry Relationships

With decades of experience in delivering materials and projects across the region and around the world, Gerab has built up an unrivaled network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Due to our connections and reputation as a reliable and established partner, our clients benefit from preferential rates and exclusivity of suppliers in some territories. Choosing a pipes and fittings supplier with a solid reputation and a history of strong industry relationships can really help get a project delivered on time. 

3. Quality

Products must meet stringent local and international industry standards and regulations to accept supplies and integrate them into a piping solution. Gerab’s dedicated quality team ensures that all products meet the appropriate quality standards and certificates relevant to their industry. Its Quality Management System (QMS) is designed and committed to achieving continual improvement across all relevant quality management parameters, and to provide technical support to clients and consultants from the very early design stages through to final testing.

4. Superior Logistics

To deliver pipe system components efficiently, a pipe stockist in the UAE needs to have an optimized inventory management information system that can utilize the latest technologies and project material supply management resources. At Gerab, our logistics and marshaling services aggregate stocks on-site, or at our covered and open warehouses strategically located at key international logistics hubs and port-integrated industrial hubs. IoT, AI, and other real-time and predictive tools are used to effectively manage inventory levels, on-time deliveries, and emergency stocks.

5. Value-Added Services

Pipe systems are complex networks that require a wide range of supporting services. Depending on the environment and the application, pipes and fittings may need additional treatment to address corrosion, exposure, or other considerations. Building on its experience and expertise, Gerab provides coating and fabrication services, as well as inspection, testing, machining, calibration, and packaging – all performed to exact client requirements and industry specifications. 

6. Project Management

Energy, infrastructure, and industry are dynamic environments subject to risks and fraught with danger. From design through to final dismantling, a pipe supplier in the UAE must be able to work closely and in collaboration with a team of consultants, contractors, client representatives, manufacturers, inspectors, auditors, and logistics providers. They must be able to integrate their services within the systems of all concerned, to be able to anticipate risks, take the necessary steps to mitigate them, and be available to extend support and expertise to ongoing concerns and exceptional occurrences. Gerab’s team of experienced project managers with their extensive contacts and track record of successful project delivery in the region, are perfectly placed to facilitate.


Supplying pipes and fittings for critical function industries requires exceptional commitment. In addition to function expertise, a pipe or valve stockist or supplier needs to be available on hand at every stage of a project to provide oversight, additional relevant expertise, and support as needed. This has to be available across a wide range of typical working parameters, as well as during emergencies and exceptional circumstances to deliver on comprehensive project requirements. Supporting these industries requires state-of-the-art expertise, coupled with the cumulative learnings gained from experience. At Gerab we pride ourselves on delivering on each of these key points. To talk to us about your upcoming projects, contact us today.

Driven by its customer-centric values, teamwork, and commitment to service excellence, Gerab has earned its reputation as a dependable partner to its clients in supplying them with quality-assured, and internationally certified pipes, fittings, flanges, stud bolts, valves, gaskets, and related services for their projects, living up to its brand promise of “Your Business, Our Commitment”!