Gerab supplies a comprehensive range of carbon steel seamless pipes for a wide variety of industry applications. We provide pipes with various proprietary steel grades to enhance corrosion resistance, making them suitable for specific application conditions. Our range of carbon steel seamless pipes includes:

With our diverse product offerings, we cater to the needs of different industries and deliver reliable and high-quality solutions. Gerab’s range of carbon steel seamless pipes covers the following specifications:

Norms: API5L, A53, A671, A672

Norms: API5L, A53, A671, A672

Norms: API5L, A53, A671, A672

The quality and reliability of CS seamless pipes are critical for each sector. According to every project’s requirements, our in-house quality control & assurance department ensures that the pipes we supply are in full compliance with quality standards and client specifications. We ensure that all pipes that we supply go through all applicable tests and adhere to industry standards that guarantee their integrity and safety.                   

All our pipes are precision manufactured through our network of suppliers to ensure accuracy and consistency in their dimensions. We have extensive agreements with global suppliers to ensure prompt delivery of goods either through stock or back-to-back orders.

Gerab’s carbon steel seamless pipes are approved by major regional and international oil companies such as ADNOC, ARAMCO, SABIC, PDO, OXY, KOC, KNPC, QG, QP. 

Value Added Services

We provide many value-added services in relation to our carbon steel seamless pipes to enhance their properties, optimize their performance, or customize them to meet requirements. These services include:

  • Cutting and Beveling – Cutting pipes to specific lengths and angles and bevelnig to a particular degree to ensure correct fit and alignment.
  • Heat Treatment – Enhancing the strength of pipes, improving corrosion resistance, and modification of microstructure.
  • Machining – Machining to specific tolerances and surface finishes to ensure perfect fit and function.
  • Coating and Painting – Protection against corrosion, abrasion, and chemical damage.
  • Threaded Ends – Allowing for easy connection with other components in the system.
  • Galvanizing – Additional corrosion protection for harsh environments.
  • Hydro Testing – To ensure pipes meet the required pressure ratings and are free from leaks or defects.

Applications for Gerab Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes:


Refineries, Chemical and petrochemical plants, Degassing and desalination plants, LNG, Urea plants, Power generation, Coal Fed Power plants and Combined Cycle power plants.


Petrol industry, Natural Gas and Hydrogen pipelines, Carbon Capture Use and Storage, Clean Energy applications.


Oil & Gas applications & Geothermal energy.


Hydraulic and Pneumatic application, Offshore Windmill farms, Platforms, and FPSO projects.  Civil Works (special building structures, bridges, etc), Cranes, heavy machinery, and agricultural machinery.