Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals

The oil, gas, and petrochemicals industries provide essential services that affect every aspect of modern living. These industries rely on the highest quality of pipes and accessories to ensure safety in volatile environments. Materials have to withstand temperature, pressure, and corrosion stresses to avoid downtimes and disruption of critical operations.

Upstream, midstream, and downstream, mega-projects across the industry work to some of the most stringent time schedules in the world. They require the close collaboration of all parties to ensure that projects run smoothly, safely, and on-time to deliver the energy that runs global economies. Gerab has a long-standing history of reliability in providing the highest quality pipe network materials on time for critical-path projects across:

  • ASTM Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, nickel alloy, hastelloy, monel, Cr-Mo alloy pipes in welded and SMLS construction.
  • Cladded pipes, fittings, flanges, induction bends, and weld overlay.
  • OCTG in welded and SMLS construction.
  • Centrifugal pumps and valves