Gerab has been supplying pipe system solutions for the oil and gas industry in the region for the past 45 years. This experience has strengthened the company’s knowledge and understanding of the requirements of a complete pipe system solution across a wide range of applications. In commitment to client satisfaction and the provision of comprehensive solutions, Gerab provides specialty products to meet its clients’ demand for cutting edge technologies across their project requirements. These include diamond drill bits for various petroleum drilling activities, pipeline pigs, pipeline deformation detectors, and high-pressure submersible pumps for LNG applications. 

Gerab Specialty Products for Pipes

Diamond Drill Bits

Drill bits are an integral part of drilling operations in oil and gas. Choosing the right type of drill bit, whether standard or customized, is a critical success factor in any drilling operation. Diamond drill bits leverage the hardness, strength, and wear resistance of diamonds, making them widely used for oil drilling operations. Diamond drill bits are manufactured with natural diamond, Thermally Stable Polycrystalline (TSP), and Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC); and are available in a wide range of sizes: from 4-1/8” to 17-1/2” (101.6mm to 444.5mm). Using advanced analysis and design software, existing or customized drill bit designs are manufactured to the highest standards, and strictly conform to the ISO 9001:2008 and API Spec 7-1 standards. High performance PDC bits are available in a wide range of row, blade, and gauge features to suit specification requirements and operational parameters. In addition, tri-diameter PDC bits, tough-drill PDC bits, and torsional impact generators are available to provide advantages across aggressiveness, stability, and bit lifespan.

Gerab Specialty Products for Pipe

High-pressure Submersible Pump

LNG high-pressure submersible pumps commonly used in LNG receiving stations are vertical, multistage, radial split, diffuser structure, centrifugal pumps installed outside the storage tank. The LNG is transferred by an in-tank pump from the tank, and boosted to a vaporizer by a high-pressure pump, to go into the pipeline after gasification. The pump head is installed as a pit type inside the suction cylinder. Vibration, liquid level, temperature, and pressure monitoring systems are provided to ensure the safety of the pump operation and reliability.

Pumps conform to the API Standard 610, 11th Edition, and feature:

  • Capacity:~840m3/h
  • Head:~3500m
  • Design Pressure:~20.0Mpa
  • Temperature:~-196℃
  • Speed:3000r/min
  • Power:55KW~2500KW

Pipeline Pigs

Pipeline inspection or intervention gauges (pig) are used to perform a wide range of inspection and maintenance operations without stopping the flow of product in a pipeline. Gerab’s range of pipeline pigs includes fully cast polyurethane pigs that come in a variety of shapes (spherical, cylindrical, and butterfly), as well as mechanical pigs in straight, butterfly, caliper, steel brush, magnetic force, and compound types. Pigs are also available for operations in small-diameter pipelines with low conveying pressure and small displacements, or where pipeline design is not standard and contains elbows with a small radius of curvature or where the tube body is deformed. Customized designs are also available for improving pigging effect, reducing the risk of jamming, and enhancing passage through right-angles and Y-shaped tees. 

Pipe Deformation and High Precision Detectors

Gerab supplies pipe deformation detectors for line sweeping, inner wall corrosion detection, and baseline deformation detection for new pipelines and pipelines in complex working conditions used in natural gas, crude oil, and oil production applications. 

  • Size range: 4″ 〜56″
  • Minimum radius of curvature: 1.5D
  • Temperature range: -20 〜85℃
  • Speed range: ≤40m/s
  • Pressure range: ≤12Mpa

Pipeline detection technology features three-axis MFL corrosion detection for pipeline centerline mapping, measurement of pipe wall thickness and pipe bend-angle, as well as for speed control. Data processing and analysis from the detectors is used for pipeline defect assessment, finding corrosion areas in pipelines, calculating corrosion scope and size, as well as to automatically extract defects.

As part of its unwavering commitment to its clients, Gerab’s range of products and services continues to grow to meet the most stringent requirements of the leading local and international oil and gas producers operating in the region.