Fittings are integral to the efficiency of piping systems, and Gerab is a key supplier of a wide array of high-quality pipe fittings in Iraq, including couplings, caps & ends, elbows, tees, nipples, reducers, plugs, and olets. We offer carbon steel, alloy steel, Inconel 825/625, duplex/super duplex, and stainless-steel fittings in various sizes and grades for diverse applications.

In Iraq, Gerab operates through Gerab National Enterprises LLC., serving as a leading supplier of pipe fittings, flanges, gaskets, and valves, with a strong emphasis on catering to the oil and gas industry.

With a diversified material mix stocked on-site and the capability to source through reliable global suppliers, we ensure prompt supply to meet client demands. Gerab is an approved fitting source for major regional and international end users such as BGC, MNR, and BOC.

Supported by our expansive warehouse facilities in Um Qasr, Iraq, we provide ample storage space, ensuring clients have access to a wide range of fittings in Iraq. Additionally, we offer value-added services like machining, coatings, and galvanizing, catering to specific customer requirements.

Our pipe fittings are precision-engineered to ensure accuracy and consistency in dimensions, guaranteeing a seamless fit into your piping systems without leaks or gaps. Choose Gerab for reliable piping solutions backed by unparalleled quality and service.