GNE is committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner; as we know, we have to make the right choices at the juncture of environmental challenges of declining resources, scarcity of power, water, and other resources. GNE aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees, customers, visitors, and contractors to meet the statutory requirements of the environment, health, and safety.


i. Respect the environment and the rights of future generations; at GNE, we aim to work in compliance with internationally recognized environment management principles and continuously improve our standards relating to protecting and preserving the environment.

ii. Work to achieve energy efficiency and minimize noise, harmful discharge, emissions, polluting water, and waste production. Ensure that the waste disposal is carried out as per the standards set by respective local administration/authorities.

iii. Comply with all local and international laws and regulations related to the environment, health, and safety, including laws that govern air and water pollution, hazardous materials, and workplace safety.

iv. Take appropriate measures to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment by regularly updating the procedures and practices for identifying and addressing hazards.

v. Provide adequate training, instruction, and supervision to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently.

vi. Adhere to the plans and procedures to respond to emergencies, such as fire or natural disasters, set up by the HSE team to minimize harm to people and the environment.

vii. Be transparent in environmental, health, and safety activities by reporting the progress of all HSE activities to the relevant stakeholders.

viii. GNE, through its association with local government bodies, will work towards understanding and responding to the environment, health, and safety requirements of the communities in which it operates.


i. Employees should be familiar with and follow GNE’s policies related to EHS, ensure that they follow the local and international laws and regulations related to environment, health, and safety, and be aware of their rights and responsibilities under these laws.

ii. Employees should be familiar with GNE safety procedures and the emergency assembly for your area and participate in emergency drills.

iii. Employees should be aware of potential hazards associated with the work and work area, know where information on these hazards is kept for review, use this information when needed, and take appropriate precautions to protect themselves and their colleagues.

iv. Employees should take reasonable care for their health, safety, and others affected by their actions.

v. Employees should participate in GNE’s emergency preparedness efforts and be familiar with GNE’s emergency plans and procedures.

vi. Employees should use and take due care of protective equipment provided by GNE to protect them while at work and report any defective safety equipment and hazards immediately.

vii. Employees should observe all precautions laid down by GNE for health and safety at work and report any observed or suspected hazards to the HSE or Administration department.

viii. Employees should not perform tasks; they are not qualified or trained and must act reliably.

ix. Each Employee is responsible for understanding and practicing appropriate safety procedures.

x. Employees should be compassionate towards our environment and strive to contribute by judicious usage of utilities, paper, and stationery to ensure minimal wastage.

xi. Employees should operate in a manner committed to continuous improvement in environmental sustainability through recycling, conservation of resources, prevention of pollution, and promotion of environmental responsibility amongst our employees.


i. Ensure that Employees know and understand their responsibilities toward health safety and the environment.

ii. Promote health and safety by instructing employees in safe working practices and good housekeeping.

iii. Conduct regular health and safety checks, identify problems, organize corrective action, and monitor as appropriate.

iv. Ensure that their team members are familiar with and comply with all local and international laws and regulations related to environment, health, and safety and follow GNE’s policies and procedures related to HSE.

v. Ensure that all employees are trained to operate the safety equipment correctly.

vi. Ensure the safety of customers/visitors/contractors while on GNE premises.

vii. Model ethical and professional behavior in all environmental, health, and safety aspects and ensure that their team members do the same.

viii. Provide their team members with the necessary training and resources to be knowledgeable about GNE’s policies and procedures related to HSE.

ix. Actively identify and address any observed or suspected environmental impacts from GNE’s operations.

x. Promote conservation and waste reduction within their team and ensure that GNE is operating in an environmentally responsible manner.