Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion –
Gerab’s Commitment to Creating a Better Workplace

Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Mr. Ronald Uchil

Senior Vice President
Corporate Excellence & HR. Gerab National Enterprises


In today’s globalized world, fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion is essential for the success and growth of any organization. Recognizing the power of diversity, Gerab has prioritized building a workplace environment that embraces and celebrates the unique contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds. In this post, we will explore Gerab’s commitment to building and developing a genuine and thriving culture of diversity and inclusion. We’ll also look at the positive impact that encouraging this culture has had on the company and its stakeholders.

Inclusive Workplace Practices

We operate in the Middle East, a melting pot of cultures where people from various nationalities come together to work and live. Gerab promotes and encourages inclusivity through various workplace practices and policies. Gerab’s Human Resources team ensures fair and unbiased hiring practices through its Code of Business Conduct Guidelines, providing equal opportunities for all candidates. Gerab also invests in ongoing employee diversity and inclusion training programs where we focus on embracing diversity within the workforce.

Supplier Diversity

Gerab extends its commitment to diversity and inclusion beyond its internal operations. The company actively seeks out and partners with suppliers from diverse backgrounds, including minority-owned, women-owned, and small businesses. By diversifying its supplier base, Gerab supports economic growth and job creation, thereby enriching its supply chain with a wide range of perspectives and expertise.

Engaging with the Community

Gerab understands the significance of community engagement in fostering diversity and inclusion. The company actively participates in outreach programs, partnerships, and initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in the wider community. Our popular in-house CSR program, ‘Khidmati’ is enthusiastically supported by many of our staff who donate their own time and resources to tackling important issues in the community. By supporting educational programs, career development opportunities, and initiatives aimed at empowering underrepresented groups, Gerab contributes to building a more inclusive society.


Gerab National Enterprises LLC’s commitment to building a culture of diversity and inclusion extends far beyond meeting quotas or complying with regulations. By embracing diversity, implementing inclusive workplace practices, working closely with our suppliers, and actively engaging with the communities in which we work, we aim to create a vibrant and inclusive environment that drives innovation, enhances the well-being of our internal teams, and strengthens relationships with stakeholders both within the business and externally. Through our dedication to equality, we aim to foster an environment where every individual’s unique qualities and perspectives are celebrated, valued, and harnessed to the benefit of the whole organization.